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Medicare Requirements

Readiness Checklist

◻ Will you be ready to meet the 2016 CMS deadline for all advanced imaging orders to use imaging CDS for Medicare patients?

◻ Have you developed a strategy to address the new requirements that protects and enhances your revenue stream for Medicare patients?

◻ Does your strategy support your referring providers’ compliance with the Medicare regulation for imaging CDS?

◻ Will you be able to submit imaging CDS Data to CMS?

◻ Can your referring providers avoid greater use of Radiology Benefit Management (RBMs) with better compliance using imaging CDS?

YOU CAN BE READY by 2016 with Sage HMS’ support

Sage Health Management Solutions is your best answer. RadWise® Clinical Decision Support will give you unsurpassed functionality providing you and your referring providers with the necessary technical support to meet the CMS requirements.

Your countdown begins now!