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Healthcare providers face the same challenges as businesses outside healthcare; how to create a differentiating competitive advantage. Many providers such as radiologists and laboratories recognize the need to continually demonstrate their commitment to referring physicians through the level of service they provide, but also to respond to issues important to health plans.

For example, the Leapfrog Group, representing the interests of employers, promotes the use of CPOE with imaging clinical decision support at the point of care to improve patient safety. Groups that do not embrace Leapfrog Group standards risk losing market share to competitors that do. In addition, physicians demand easy-to-use, workflow-efficient solutions that enhance their own ability to deliver safe care. Providers that do not implement such tools also risk losing patients and physicians to competitors. In the future, payers – including many large employers – plan to offer financial incentives to organizations that embrace well-implemented patient safety and quality solutions and will reimburse them at a higher rate than organizations that don’t.

Sage HMS applications create a differentiating advantage for providers such as radiologists and medical laboratories. RadWise, for example, helps radiology providers demonstrate an understanding of healthcare market-drivers. By championing RadWise, they demonstrate a commitment to patient-centered care, set the stage for recognition as early adopters, create publishing opportunities and a potential for financial incentives by payers.