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Sage Health Management Solutions® develops and sells a browser-based service that combines the features of computerized provider order entry (CPOE) tool with evidence-based medical information designed to help third party payers and providers eliminate unnecessary diagnostic testing costs while concurrently improving care quality and physician/clinic efficiency. The first offering, RadWise®, is focused on diagnostic radiology.

Combining CPOE with evidence-based referrals will lead to better clinical outcomes and sustainable savings. The Sage HMS process of ordering a diagnostic procedure at the point of care also improves clinical efficiencies and encourages physician satisfaction. As a web-based service, RadWise is highly scalable, making national-level implementation feasible.

The clinical philosophy at Sage HMS is simple: quality focused, patient-centered, and physician-directed. We achieve this philosophy by following the 10 Steps for Best Medicine described by the Institute of Medicine. All guidelines and criteria are thoroughly vetted in a repeatable process: thorough literature search, content outline reviewed by a multi-disciplinary panel, subject to consensus approval, and then reviewed at least annually. Updates and changes are incorporated into the application real-time, so end-users can benefit from the latest evidence based wisdom the next time they log-in.

The design philosophy at Sage HMS is to utilize the latest Internet technology to efficiently deliver clinical knowledge and evidence-based support at the point of care. In addition to be highly scalable, flexible and secure, services are easy to use and implement.

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