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Sage HMS Announces Product Update
RadWise electronically coordinates, streamlines and documents the ordering process of medical imaging tests.

Minneapolis, MN , April 26, 2006 - Sage Health Management Solutions, Inc. (Sage HMS), an evidence-based health care technology company, announced enhancements to its patented product, RadWise ® , a secure and encrypted Internet tool that ensures patients receive the most appropriate diagnostic imaging test based on their particular clinical situation . Most significant among the revisions is improved Internet performance offering greater opportunities for universal access, and system interface and integration.

According to V. Katherine Gray, CEO and President, this is the first comprehensive product update since RadWise was launched. "The modifications were market-driven in that we wanted to offer our customers greater system flexibility and a more user-friendly tool. The enhanced RadWise application will improve performance and decrease costs."

Specifically the enhancements to RadWise include:

•  Updated user interface with greater Internet browser capability—the technology has been tested with all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and Mozilla Firefox.

•  Improved graphic presentation with easier-to-follow screens and prompts.

•  Better tracking of orders during the process for safety and quality.

•  The underlying technology is now more universal to all software vendors and health care information systems. This is just what the "e-doctor ordered" when it comes to system flexibility, universal access and ultimate cost savings.

RadWise , a Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) with Clinical Decision Support (CDS) system , provides sophisticated electronic communication between the referring and performing physicians for diagnostic imaging tests. It allows physicians or clinicians to electronically document the diagnosis, symptoms, procedure requested, and procedure performed using simple point-and-click screen selections; it transmits the order and the results electronically between physicians; and connects physicians to the most current imaging information with evidence-based recommendations at the point-of-care.

All of these electronic steps mean greater efficiency, better quality decisions, and faster turnaround for both patients and referring physicians. In addition, the RadWise system is in compliance with the new Federal regulations ensuring privacy and security for patients.

SAGE Health Management Solutions, Inc., headquartered in Minneapolis , was founded in 1997. Sage HMS sells its subscription service to healthcare payers and larger healthcare provider groups for improved quality, efficiency and cost. Sage HMS estimates that 30-40 percent of the costs associated with diagnostic testing can be reduced with use of its technology, while improving the quality, efficiency, and timeliness for patients. For more information, visit Sage HMS at