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RadWise is a point-of-care web-based service to facilitate appropriate radiology orders, by combining features of computer-provider order entry with evidence-based imaging clinical decision support; a new paradigm in medical management (i.e., similar to pre-certification and utilization review but more efficient and helpful to the provider).

It is widely known that 30-40% of ALL imaging orders are inappropriate and the amount paid for imaging services grows roughly 20% per year; currently about $10-$14 per covered life per month. RadWise can reduce that amount by $2-$4 PMPM, just by helping doctors order the most appropriate radiology procedure and sending the order to a radiology provider best-suited to deliver that imaging service.

The first offering by Sage Health Management Solutions, RadWise is representative of an enlightened medical management philosophy. The RadWise clinical philosophy is based on the following key principles:

RadWise can help organizations meet their radiology management objectives (conventionally achieved via pre-certification and utilization review), without the overhead. The application platform is browser-based, requiring only Internet access with a user ID and password to utilize. RadWise is designed to stand-alone or interface with existing information systems. The application and business method are both patented.

Your Intelligent Radiology Management

Based on clinical appropriateness and cost effective care delivery, combined with provider and patient education, the RadWise system is designed to provide you with a customized solution for the appropriate management of medical imaging resources.

Sage HMS offers a comprehensive Needs Assessment designed to identify the specific needs for your organization. Components of our assessment include:

Working together, based on the assessment results, a system will be designed and implemented to meet your needs for radiology management.

Key program components include: Appropriate Imaging Management

Data Analysis & Performance Evaluation

In addition, RadWise services may include Radiology Network Management, Capitation & Risk Management, and Practice Improvement Consultation.

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