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Risk Management

Healthcare providers are exposed to a great deal of malpractice risk and regulatory scrutiny (e.g. CMS). Increasing requirements for compliance with national and state practices continue to challenge providers. Meeting these requirements can prove to be very costly.

Sage HMS helps mitigate malpractice risk exposure. Orders include standardized documentation and the decision making process is repeatable. As a result, Sage HMS helps manage both regulatory scrutiny and malpractice risk.

In the future there will be pressure for better decision making and documentation as the standard of care changes with increasing use of electronic medical records. Healthcare providers who do not incorporate standardized documentation into their clinical and billing practices may open themselves up to risk. See Hidden Malpractice Dangers in EMRs, Medscape Business of Medicine, by Steven I. Kern, Esq. April 9, 2009. (To view a free registration required.)