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Patient Safety

The landmark study, "To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System" published by the Institute of Medicine in 1999, documents system problems in healthcare leading to deaths attributed to preventable medical errors. In addition, The Joint Commission has identified communication errors as the leading source of medical errors.

Patient safety has since emerged as a strategic competitive imperative among health care providers and payers, and has become a major national policy issue. In fact, the U.S. Business Roundtable created the Leapfrog Group, whose name has become synonymous with patient safety. Two key recommendations for industry-wide safety standards are seeing increasing attention and success. These are: Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE), and evidence-based medicine for referrals.

In response, health plans and hospitals have begun to address the patient safety challenge by re-examining their medical management philosophy. Emerging strategies and solutions are based on the following key principles:

Organizations that want to enhance patient safety through the use of CPOE and evidence based referrals finally have both the political and technological climate to make this goal a reality.

RadWise® and other Sage HMS applications help physicians/staff select appropriate diagnostic tests at the point of care and direct the diagnostic specialist referral. This paradigm is positioned to provide sustainable reductions in medical errors and expenses, and improve clinical outcomes by addressing the drivers of quality, patient safety and efficient resource utilization.

According to the Quality Review Bulletin, Preventing Medical Injury, ". . . of preventable medical errors, 17% were diagnostic and 10% were drug errors." This fact is surprising to many as medication errors have been in the media spotlight. RadWise, however, tackles the larger problem of diagnostic errors by supporting appropriate decisions guided by medical evidence, while allowing physician control.