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Strategic Partners

AllOut Marketing

AllOut Marketing delivers strategic marketing and business development for medical sales success. We specialize in expert medical marketing for medical technology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies. We focus on the marketing ins and outs of your fast-moving medical product development business.

BackPack Software, Inc.

BackPack Software provides reliable Internet connectivity and consulting services to business and residential customers. It consults with its clients to design best-fit solutions blending Open Source software with custom software engineering practices. BPSI in turn leverages its software assets into products and services for resale to new and existing clients. BPSI provides a research-oriented atmosphere, fair compensation, and rewards employee and customer contributions to its bottom line. BPSI measures its success based one employee and customer loyalty, realizing an excellent return on its human as well as financial investments for all members of Team BackPack.

Document Storage Systems, Inc.

Document Storage Systems, Inc., (DSS) develops VistA/CPRS software applications for the Veterans Administration Healthcare System (VHA). DSS is a Class 1 provider of software to the VHA system. They develop clinical and administrative software applications specifically for the VHA. They also provide CPRS integration for other 3rd party COTS applications, via the VistA Gateway interface. DSS services for both VHA customers and VistA Gateway partners include; sales, installation, training, and product support.

Halleland Health Consulting

Halleland Health Consulting is a leading health consulting group with expertise in regulatory and compliance affairs, clinical and health system integration, strategy and product positioning, and assisting clients in matters of corporate accountability including governance, ethics and healthcare policy.